Deipnosophist: The Art of Being in the Know

Deiphnosophist: (noun) a person who is an adept conversationalist at table
We all want to be informed, to care about what's going on in the world. To hold a conversation with someone and sound intelligent. Yet, in our everyday, busy, lives we often can find ourselves being so overwhelmed by what's happening around the world, that we often don't know where to turn to for concise, in depth analysis of what's happening in the world, or that latest piece in the New Yorker that you still haven't gotten around to reading. And what was that song at the bar that everyone knew all the lyrics to?

We have an abundance of ways to stay informed, but that abundance can often overwhelm us. Like in our busy lives, we need a filter to help us easily digest the onslaught of information we get. And that's where this newsletter comes in. 

See this newsletter as your own personal curated newsletter that won't leave you stranded with nothing to talk about at that next happy hour you're obligated to go to. Keeping you informed and witty on all things politics to that new viral video everyone is talking about. 
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